All War of the roses dlc packages are shipped, the latest the Kingmaker edition.
We have once again, for a while, topped the steam best selling list which is great!

I am now working on a new game title on both pc and console, it is still unannounced so I cannot
say more than that the music is great and I have been able to lots of experimenting, since I now
also implement my own music. Took awhile to get into a new way of thinking but there are so many great
stuff you can do working with a dynamic in game score.

I have also been working on a couple of different movie projects, some commercials and mixed
and produced a record for a northern soul band. They have had great reviews in many countries and
people seem to really like the sound.

For the first time ever it felt.. nostalgic to get a cd, instead of just another digital release. Guess that I am not getting younger…

I also did live foh sound, recently for Peter Morén, from peter bjorn and john. Always a pleasure
to work with talented artists. I try to do a couple of foh gigs every year just to stay sharp!

The plans for the new studio is progressing slowly forwards, the build might start in a month or so if all contracts are signed.

Well guess that´s it for a while, the portfolio is updated more often than the news section so check it out from time to time.